Guy is the first single from the EP "’Cause I am the Other Person“. It features the dialogue of Guy from a conversation that started with the question: what do you do when you wake up? Guy B. is a sculptor and an artist from Quebec, Canada.

"Guy" will be released May 21, 2019

`Cause I am the Other Person` is the first EP with 5 songs plus an instrumental track that doesn't feature a voice but a prominent street recording from Taiwan. The EP will be released August 5, 2019 

Guy - I am the Other Person
Cover - 'Cause I am the Other Person
J. van de Vlag

Biography I am the Other Person 

“I am the Other Person started with a conversation with a friend that I recorded, about what we do when we wake up and how our day unfolds. Later I listened to the recording again and I heard the musicality in his voice, from which music started in my head. These sounds and him talking became the song „John“. The concept formed that I could turn conversations into songs that start with the question: What do you do when you get up in the morning? "` Cause I am the Person“ is a line from one of the recorded conversations. I understood it as: I do what I do because I am me, somebody else does something different because he/she is him/her.“

When I moved to Switzerland from The Netherlands I stopped playing in bands. I still wanted to make music though, so I was looking for ways to give my creative urges some kind of form. I wanted to make music that tells a story. When I got the first song, "John", I knew I had found my vehicle“.

J. van de Vlag makes music under the name "I am the Other Person“. He played in various bands and toured in Germany and France as a background musician for different artists. He’s dutch, living in Switzerland.


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